Thursday, July 7, 2011

Social Networks

I recently won a free book by Solution Tree: Communicating & Connecting with Social Media - just released, written by William Ferriter (first blogger I ever followed) - author of the Tempered Radical Blog, and Jason Ramsden and Eric C. Sheninger (one of the leaders I follow on Twitter).

Before I read the book and share my thoughts via Twitter ... I wanted to take a moment to list the "social media" I use - kind of a personal inventory ...

Facebook - personal private page as well as public school page
Posterous - work related - posts via email to school Facebook, Twitter, Blogger sites
Twitter - personal public page as well as public school account
Blogger - this blog, as well as work blog (pushed from Posterous)
Diigo - don't really know "how" to use this - but I'm exploring it's possibilities

Google + - not yet a "member" but I requested access
Open Text IL Supt. social network (professional)

So ... I'm pretty "wired/connected" etc.

Personally I use the social networking to stay connected with current friends, family and old friends.

Professional I use the social networking for public communication, outreach, professional development, "just in time learning", and networking and growth!

Edmodo is another work-related social media site members of the faculty and I are exploring, we aim to incorporate Edmodo next year with students and families.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing what you take from the book, Mike! One of our goals was to help educators to make choices about how to balance their personal and professional selves online. Our secondary goal was to show how social media can make ordinary tasks like communicating with our school's stakeholders and customizing our own learning more efficient.

    I'm proud of it---but I'm biased!

    Rock on,