Friday, December 28, 2012

Continuing the Professional Journey


This January, I will embark an an educational and personal and professional journey with other leaders around the state through the IASA School for Advanced Leadership. I am honored to have had my application accepted by the distinguished panel, and I'm excited to continue the journey with support and guidance from expert coaches and leaders. During the experiences I plan to post updates, reflections, growth experiences, and leadership perspectives. -ML
The following information is from the IASA site about ISAL (ISAL II Information)

The School for Advanced Leadership (ISAL) is a professional growth program developed and sponsored by the Illinois Association of School Administrators. 

The program is for IASA members who share the vision of “Maximum Educational Success for All Students” to become members of IASA’s elite special operations team known as ISAL II – the IASA School for Advanced Leadership II. 

Public education in Illinois is at a crossroads. Leadership matters more than ever as resources are shrinking and expectations of excellence are growing. The mission of ISAL II is “To provide IASA members the experiences that build exemplary leadership, knowledge and skill sets essential for ensuring successful student learning at the local level.”

ISAL II is a challenging two-year cohort training journey that will focus on a superintendent’s role through five leadership lenses:
Facilitator of shared moral purpose;
Change agent;
Relationship/culture promoter;
Capacity builder; and
Coherence maker
The benefits of ISAL II include having a certified professional coach, developing and implementing a personalized Professional Growth Plan for student achievement, conducting a comprehensive needs assessment to determine district and leadership needs, and ultimately attaining designation as an ISAL Fellow.