Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A few thoughts

I've been really bad about blogging this spring! My goal is to get back to more regular posts!!

The school year has ended for students and staff, and now the summer administrative work begins: Professional Development planning, Summer Construction, Budget, Staffing, Scheduling, etc.

My summer is full of exciting leadership work with learning, leading, listening.

I'm amazed at the amount of incredible bloggers and tweeters and leaders I have "interacted" with online and in person. (See the blog list for a sample of the great bloggers I follow), check out those I follow on Twitter for the amazing leaders who are sharing information and collaborating and demonstrating and illustrating leadership across state lines and international boundaries.

Teaching in the classroom can mirror the innovative and creative and powerful leadership I have participated in through the collaborative colleagues who share, write, ask probing questions, and offer support for the myriad of tasks the typical classroom teacher will endeavor in a particular school year.

The coming school year will allow us to continue to embed sustainable staff development on instructional technology, thinking, writing, using research to inform decision making, teaming, partnering and collaborating.

My goal is to join the conversation as a contributor more than as a consumer!

More to follow!