Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Technology - Communication Review/Recap - listing

This year has been a banner year for my professional usage of technology. Exciting and energizing and engaging are the many uses, connections, learning opportunities and growth opportunities that I and my colleagues and coworkers have enjoyed as a result of "technology" ... an elusive term - an evolving term - more of a concept.

Prezi - for "cool" presentations - for faculty meetings and for instruction in jr. high school courses and classes - cost FREE

Voicethread - for engaging discussions, games, communication, partnership - for faculty professional development, for 2nd grade, 5th grade, reading, science, cross-disciplinary connections - cost $1/student

Google - Google Apps for education ... our Exchange Server crashed ... instead of paying to replace it, we went Google - FREE

Gagglenet - free student email

Edmodo -on line collaboration, professional development (voluntary - choice based growth model)
Promethean training - initiative from last year 5 IWB's, training, cross sharing, usage K-8

Audio Boo - FREE podcasting
Facebook - FREE school information - reaching Facebook users and general public
Twitter - FREE school information - reaching Twitter users and general public

Posterous - FREE - pushing information via Auto post to Facebook, Twitter, Supt. Site
Mobi - FREE as a result of presentation/demonstration - in use in Art (K-8)

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