Thursday, October 28, 2010

Slowing down to move fast

The change process has many steps ... much research and many articles and books write about and describe the steps in the process. In "real life" and in practice, changes increase the tension in the proverbial rubber band. The astute leader knows to pull/stretch/push to a point before breaking the band ... In my current experiences, many changes have been presented, implemented, planned, and "digested" ... now it is time to let the momentum continue, the changes set in, and allow for some breathing room. My aim is to reduce the pressure on the rubber band, hold steady with what seeds have been planted, and move from change to support. Support for new directions, support for new attitudes, support for new experiences, and support for new approaches. What is quite affirming is the degree of acceptance, the high degree of acceptance for the current reality. This new reality differs greatly from the reality once known at my school. This reality allows for learning support in the classrooms. This reality allows for innovative approaches to instruction. This reality is wonderful, rewarding, and affirming to be part of.

I am slowing down for now - in an effort to support a fast moving start! Thank you to the brave and courageous learning facilitators with whom I spend high quality time every day!

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