Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pennoyer's PBIS in the news!

Program accentuates the positive through supports, interventions

October 7, 2010 
Teachers and administrators at a local elementary school are using innovative ways to help students stay on track toward academic success as well as develop good citizenship skills.
The state-funded program is called Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS).
Administrators at Pennoyer Elementary School, 5200 N. Cumberland Ave., said they find the program proactive and like that it establishes behavioral supports and social cultures needed for student success.
"This is our first year participating in the program," school Superintendent Michael Lubelfeld said. "We're participating because it's research-based and has proven success."
PBIS has a database component that tracks problems such as bullying, tardiness and non-completion of homework.
"We do not have a high incidence of bullying at the school," Lubelfeld said. "But when it does occur we provide counseling and find out what causes the student to bully. We also provide counseling for the student who was bullied and try and provide the child with the tools to protect him or herself."
Lubelfeld said the school, which serves 417 students, also reaches out to families in bullying situations or when homework is consistently not completed and have come across instances in the home that have called for intervention on the student's behalf.
Another component of the program rewards students for doing the right thing as a way to encourage others to follow the example of good citizenship.
Pennoyer uses what the school calls the "Hawk High 5s," where students receive high-fives from a teacher after the teacher observes a student demonstrating positive behavior around the school.
"Within the first two weeks, we had 384 high-fives with the goal of 500 to earn a schoolwide reward of an extra 15 minutes of recess," said school social worker Pam Stutzman.
Students can also win small prizes through raffles each week.

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