Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Twitter - new connections for me

Recently, my interactions with Twitter have opened up new professional connections and instructional opportunities and growth plans for the school district where I am the superintendent. Twitter is a professional learning network (PLN) for me - through the tweets of others, I am linked to the educational leadership world I am excited to be a part of. Through the lists/connected groups like #edchat, I can find resources like the blog at: http://edutechintegration.blogspot.com/p/tutorials.html - endless leaders, teachers, 'techhies', around the country and the world with whom I share professional interests. Twitter is also connecting me with local news outlets for breaking news and information. I re-tweet (share others' tweets) when I feel those who follow me might like the information. From time to time I share an original tweet with a link or information or a request for information or to promote a project at my school. The social media opportunities and networking and learning and growth I am realizing and enjoying through Twitter is/are something I want to share with you with the hope you can benefit from its power as I am.

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