Saturday, September 18, 2010

More iPad app suggestions from a colleague

1. Readdledocs - 
2. Digits - a good calculator with a tape.
3. Newsy - video news source.
4. Roboform - a password manager application.
5. Kindle - reading books.
6. iBooks - reading books.
7. Quick Office HD - for creating and viewing office documents on the iPad.
8. Say It Mail It - for creating a very quick voice recording and then EASILY mailing it to myself as a reminder or to someone else.
9. ToDo - a task manager that syncs with ToodleDo via the web.
10. GPS Drive HD - a navigational unit for the iPad.
11. Doodle - an easy way to schedule appointments with many people.
12. Dragon Dictation - voice to text that can be pasted into emails or documents.
13. NPR - National Public Radio
14. USA Today - for the news junky.
15. Google Earth - pretty cool!
16. Howcast - videos on how to do anything.
17. AP News - for the news junky.
18. WordPress - for posting to my blog.
19. Solitaire City - for a get away!
20. GoodReader - pdf viewer.
21. iAnnotate PDF - a very good PDF application with similar features to Readdledocs.  (Plus, you can write and highlight with this application.)
22. DocsToGo - sync files from your computer to the iPad.

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