Sunday, April 18, 2010

Leaders know what questions to ask ... they share with others

An example of this comes from a blogger I follow, teacher Bill Ferriter ... Click Here you can read a recent post from Bill about questions to ask before buying an Interactive White Board (IWB). The "take-away" from his post (and from mine) is that leaders should be aware that there are many great ideas and all ideas have many implications ... one way to maximize the effectiveness of decisions to know what to ask before engaging in actions. No matter what action is considered it is essential to consider the implications for the people involved and impacted about the action(s) prior to implementing. Intentional decision making, in my opinion, involves seeking input from those who will most be affected by the implementation. It also involves intentionally sharing thoughts, desires, wishes, hypotheses from the leader/leadership team about why they consider the change, implementation, etc.

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